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44% of People Have Gotten Revenge on a Coworker

If stuff keeps disappearing off your desk at work or you keep missing meetings because the emails to you “must not have gone through” . . . yeah, there’s a surprisingly good chance it’s NOT an accident.

According to a new survey, 44% of people say they’ve gotten REVENGE on a coworker for something they did.  44%!  That’s a LOT of people.  And here are the 10 most common ways they’ve done it . . .

1.  Made sure that person got worse tasks to do or fewer tasks to do.


2.  Spread a bad rumor about them.


3.  Quit their job in, quote, “an unconventional way.”


4.  Hid that person’s things.


5.  Got them FIRED.


6.  Sabotaged their work.


7.  Tampered with their computer.


8.  Ate their lunch.


9.  Used private info from their social media against them.


10.  Deleted things from their computer.


The 100 Best Boy Band Songs of All Time


“Billboard” put together a list of the 100 Best Boy Band Songs of All Time . . . although they stretched the definition of “Boy Band” a little, by letting THE BEATLES in.  But only for their earlier, teeny-bopper stuff.


Here’s the Top 10 . . .


1.  “I Want it That Way”,  The Backstreet Boys


2.  “I Want You Back”,  The Jackson 5


3.  “I Want to Hold Your Hand”,  The Beatles


4.  “What Makes You Beautiful”,  One Direction


5.  “Tearin’ Up My Heart”,  ‘N Sync


6.  “Can You Stand the Rain”,  New Edition


7.  “Daydream Believer”,  The Monkees


8.  “Step By Step”,  New Kids on the Block


9.  “Back Here”,  BBMak


10.  “MMMBop”Hanson


Monkey Loses Selfie Lawsuit

The New York Post claims a U.S. Appeals court recently ruled that a monkey cannot own the rights to selfies. The monkey, named Naruto, took the selfies with an unattended camera in 2011. Photographer David Slater, who owned the camera, brought the case to court to prove that his company owned the commercial rights to Naruto’s photos. The court ruled in Slater’s favor, saying the monkey is not entitled to copyright protection because the law only applies to humans.

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