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Could All of Your Missing Socks Be Inside a Hidden Compartment in Your Washing Machine?

I’ve never said this before and I’ll probably never say it again . . . but there’s actually a chance you’re NOT crazy.

Maybe your washing machine really HAS been stealing your socks.  And maybe we know where to find them.

There’s a photo going viral on Twitter that supposedly shows what happened when a landlord removed the bottom panel from one of the washing machines in her building.  There’s a compartment down there . . . and it’s PACKED with socks.

So is it possible that all of your missing socks are trapped in a hidden compartment in the bottom of your machine?  Well . . . maybe.

If you have an older washing machine and dryer, it could be worth opening it up to take a look.  But newer machines are made a little tighter, so there isn’t space for things to fall through the cracks.

Woman Finds Rat In Popsicle:

LiveLeak claims a woman from China recently received the shock of her life when she found a dead rat inside her popsicle. She and her friend thought they found a caterpillar before she started tugging on the rat’s tail. The woman returned to the grocery store where she purchased the popsicles and received $315 and a new box of frozen treats

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