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MIT Invented a New Device That Reads Your Thoughts

I’m pretty sure if anyone could see all of the thoughts that roll through my head every day I’d get thrown into prison, an asylum, or both.  So . . . um . . . maybe pump the brakes, SCIENCE?

Apparently, some researchers at MIT have invented a new device that has the ability to read your thoughts and send them to a computer.  So yes, everything in your inner monologue would suddenly become your outer monologue.

Right now the device is just a prototype, and there’s no word on when they could take the technology mainstream . . . but let’s hope it takes a LONG time.


Over Half of Women Are Closer to Their Best Friend Than Their Husband

  Hey man, it’s a good thing you can fix a broken sink and maybe procreate a few times, because otherwise, what exactly is your purpose again?

According to a new survey, just over half of women say they’re CLOSER to their best friend than their husband.  And here are the 10 reasons why . . .

1.  We can talk about everything, 57%.

2.  She listens better, 45%.

3.  I can tell her things I couldn’t tell my partner, 44%.

4.  We like more of the same things, 41%.

5.  We laugh until we cry, 39%.

6.  I can really be myself around her, 29%.

7.  We go back much further, 29%.

8.  She gives better advice, 28%.

9.  She’s less annoying, 26%.

10.  We have a lot more in common, 25%.


If You Shopped at Any of These Stores, Your Data Might Have Been Stolen


We’re constantly hearing about companies leaking our information.  It happens so much now, you lose track.  So this list might help.  If you’ve shopped at any of these seven spots in the last 18 months, your credit info might be vulnerable . . .


1.  Saks Fifth Avenue.  They announced this week that up to five million credit card numbers might have been stolen.  And the same company owns Lord & Taylor too.


2.  Panera Bread.  They also confirmed this week that a flaw in their website might have left 37 million people’s information open to hackers.


3.  Whole Foods.  If you only bought groceries, you don’t have to worry.  But last summer, they said the payment system used in their in-store cafes got hacked.


4.  Forever 21.  Anyone who shopped there between March and October of last year could have been hacked.  They announced it back in November.


5.  Kmart.  They confirmed last June that customers’ credit card info got stolen.


6.  Sonic.  Five million credit card numbers might have been stolen last year, across more than 3,600 locations.


7.  GameStop.  Someone stole names, addresses, and credit card numbers from customers who shopped there between August 2016 and February 2017.


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