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People Who Wake Up on the Right Side of the Bed Are More Miserable in the Morning


The right side of the bed is the wrong side of the bed.  Yeah, I’m into talking in riddles now.  So what?

According to a new survey, people who get off the bed on the right side are more likely to feel miserable, tired, and grumpy in the morning than people who get out of bed on the left side.

People who get out on the left side feel like they’re awake an average of six minutes earlier . . . and their mood picks up an average of 15 minutes earlier.  They’re also 7% less likely to have someone at work comment on how tired they look.

The survey didn’t offer up any reason WHY people who wake up on the left side of the bed are happier, so it’s entirely possible this is a coincidence.

But we’ll offer up a theory.  People who sleep on the right side of their bodies are more likely to have heartburn and acid reflux, because it opens up the path between your stomach and esophagus which can throw off your stomach acid levels.

So if you sleep on the right side of the bed, you might be more likely to sleep on your right SIDE . . . so that you’re not facing into the middle.  And that could cause minor stomach issues that make you sleep worse.

(Daily Mail / New York Times)

The Best “Healthy” Things to Eat at Six Fast Food Places

Someone recently put together a list of the healthiest things you can order at a bunch of fast food restaurants that still TASTE good.  So none of them are a salad with no dressing.  Here are two things to order at six different places . . .

1.  McDonald’s.  The Egg McMuffin, which is 300 calories.  Or the McDouble, which is 380.  You can cut about 50 calories on each one by asking for no cheese.

2.  Taco Bell.  The Chicken Soft Tacos, or the Power Menu Veggie Bowl.  You can make pretty much anything at Taco Bell healthier by asking for it “fresco” style.  That’s where they replace the cheese and sour cream with pico de gallo.

3.  Burger King.  The MorningStar Veggie Burger.  Or the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, which is 480 calories.  But you can get it down under 400 calories if you hold the mayo.

4.  Chick-fil-A.  The Grilled Chicken Nuggets with a side salad or fruit cup.  Or the Spicy Southwest Salad, which also has grilled chicken instead of fried.

5.  Dunkin Donuts.  The Egg-and-Cheese sandwich on an English muffin.  Or the Egg White Flatbread sandwich.  Obviously there’s a lot more nutrition in both of them than you’ll get from donuts.

6.  Subway.  The Oven-Roasted Chicken Sandwich on multigrain flatbread.  Or a six-inch tuna sandwich on wheat.  Just don’t ask for extra mayonnaise.

You Use Your Phone When You’re Driving Nine Out of Every 10 Trips

We KNOW we’re not supposed to text and drive, but phone addiction is real, man.

According to a new study, we use our phones virtually every time we’re in the car.

The study looked at 3.1 million drivers and found they used their phones during 88% of their drives . . . in other words, we use our phone during nine out of every 10 trips.

And if you multiply it out, that means that people in this country take 600 million drives every day where they’re messing around on their phones.

During an hour in the car, the average person is looking at their phone for three-and-a-half minutes.  That’s . . . not good.

(PC Mag)

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