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New Dating Term: “Haunting” Is Like a More Traumatic Version of Ghosting

You’ve probably heard the term “ghosting,” which is when you’re dating someone and then suddenly, they stop all communication and disappear like a ghost.

Well apparently that’s not ENOUGH psychological torture anymore.  So now, the trend you’ve got to watch out for is “haunting.”

That’s when someone you’re not dating anymore starts liking your Facebook posts or watching your Snapchat story . . . but doesn’t have any other contact with you.  Why are they suddenly interested in you again?  You don’t know.  You’re haunted.


Four Ways to Beat Jet Lag, According to Flight Attendants

Someone asked a bunch of flight attendants for their best tricks for beating jet lag.  Here are the top four things they say help the most . . .

1.  Stay awake until a normal bedtime, and don’t sleep in the next day.  That’s probably the most important one.  You’ll adjust to the new time zone faster if you get on schedule that first night.  And if you HAVE to take a nap, make sure it’s less than an hour.

2.  Put your feet up as soon as possible.  All that sitting on the plane can make your legs and feet swell up.  So you end up feeling even more tired than you really are.

If you’re at a hotel, lie on the bed and put your feet on top of the headboard for five to ten minutes.  Or if you’re on a layover, prop them up on your carry-on.

3.  Load up on carbs.  Keeping your insulin levels up can help your body adjust to a new schedule.  So if you’re on a diet, think about making your travel day a CHEAT day.

4.  Get some exercise, or at least some fresh air.  Even just a walk around the block can help you sleep better and adjust to a new time zone faster.

And the air pressure on planes is like standing on a mountain 7,000 feet above sea level.  Your body has a harder time absorbing oxygen in those conditions.  So that’s why some fresh air can also help you recover.


The Top Five Things Moms Want for Mother’s Day

\A new survey found 70% of us plan to buy a Mother’s Day gift this year.  We’ll toss down $58 on average.  But 1 in 5 people think it’s hard to find a GOOD gift.  So this might help take the guesswork out of it . . .

A bunch of moms voted on what the BEST Mother’s Day gifts are.  The good news is you don’t have to get too creative.  You could probably guess most of these.  Here are the top five . . .

1.  Flowers.  Which seems boring and cliché.  But 48% of moms said that if they only get one gift this year, that’s what they want.

2.  Dinner at a nice restaurant.  43% said it’s a great gift.  And obviously they want you to go WITH them.  Don’t just drop her off in the Red Lobster parking lot.

3.  A gift card.  41% of moms said it’s a good Mother’s Day gift.  But don’t just hand it to her.  Put it in a card.  And obviously pick a gift card for a place she LIKES.

4.  Jewelry.  28% of moms said they’d like to get jewelry for Mother’s Day.  And it’s a good gift for multiple people to chip in on.

5.  Beauty products.  27% of moms said it’s a great gift.  Just make sure it’s something she’ll use.  If you’re not sure, then think about something like a Birchbox subscription, where she gets different stuff every month.

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