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Two Reasons You’re Always Running Late

We all know at least one person who’s consistently late to stuff.  Like if they say they’ll be there at 8:30, you know they’ll show up at 8:45 or 9:00.  Here are three reasons it happens even when you try as hard as possible NOT to be late . . .

The FIRST possible reason is you’re multitasking too much.  There was a study in 2003 where researchers observed subway workers in New York.  And the ones who multitasked were much more likely to be late for work.

One way to make sure you don’t get too distracted is to set reminders on your phone, so they go off 10 or 15 minutes before you need to do something.

The SECOND possible reason you’re late is your internal clock just sucks.  Some people are pretty good at keeping track of time while they’re doing stuff, and others just aren’t.  And people with Type A personalities are usually better at it than Type B’s.

A study had people try to guess when one minute had passed.  Type A’s were pretty close . . . they averaged 58 seconds.  Type B’s were WAY off . . . they averaged 77 seconds.

You CAN get better at it though.  One way is to guess what time it is a few times a day, and then check to see how close you are.  If you keep doing it for a while, you should improve.

(Huffington Post)

Would You Buy $425 Jeans That Come Streaked With Fake Mud? How About Jeans That Are Totally See-Through?

It appears that jeans are evolving . . . that’s jeans spelled J-E-A-N-S, not, like, our biological genes, although they’re probably evolving too.  But that’s a tangent that’s missing the point:  Jeans are getting STUPID.

Two new types of jeans have just gone on sale and, well, judge for yourself . . .

The first ones just went on sale at Nordstrom.  They’re called the “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans” and they come pre-streaked with lots of FAKE MUD.

That way you can look like you’ve been, quote, “getting down and dirty” without, you know, doing anything.  And how much do they cost?  $425.  Wow.

The other new jeans come from a British chain called Topshop.  And even though they call them jeans, that’s a stretch . . . because they’re not made from denim and they’re COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH.

The description says, quote, “These out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans [are] guaranteed to get people talking.”  At least they “only” cost $100.  (As of late last night, they were no longer listed on Topshop’s website.)

(Fox News / UPI

Have Students at Yale Finally Created a Real Hangover Cure?


This is like the Holy Grail for anyone who likes getting hammered on Sundays, or Wednesdays.  So of course COLLEGE kids came up with it . . .

Two seniors at Yale claim they’ve finally created a drink that can prevent HANGOVERS.  One is a molecular, cellular, and developmental biology major.  The other is a history major who’s also focusing on business.

They wanted to drink and still wake up for class.  So they created a citrus-flavored powder called SunUp that you mix with water and drink one hour BEFORE you booze.

It’s designed to help your liver prepare for a flood of alcohol, and break down the byproducts of alcohol that cause hangovers.  And it’s also filled with a bunch of vitamins and minerals that get depleted when you drink too much.

There are similar products that don’t really work that well, so feel free to be skeptical.  But they say this is different, because it addresses all FOUR of the main things that cause hangovers . . .

Vitamin and electrolyte loss, glutamine rebound, damage to your immune system, and a build-up of a compound called acetaldehyde.  (Pronounced ass-uh-TELL-duh-hide)

The good news is you won’t have to wait ten years to try it.  A single pack costs $5, and you should be able to buy it next month.  You can pre-order it on their IndieGoGo page.  Just search for “SunUp: A Hangover’s Worst Enemy.”

(AOL / New Haven Register)


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