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CVS Accidentally Locks a Guy Inside a Store Overnight . . . Then Tries to Charge Him For the Snacks He Ate

This sounds like CVS accidentally pulled off an AMAZING April Fools’ prank.

A 56-year-old was at a CVS in Trenton, Michigan bac on March 31st and he fell asleep in the store’s blood pressure cuff chair.  Somehow the employees didn’t see him as they were closing up . . . and they locked him in the store.

And when he woke up, he realized he was stuck there.  So . . . he decided to have a snack.

He ate some Fig Newtons off the shelf, drank a bottle of TruMoo milk, and then he managed to finally do something that triggered the alarm.  The cops got there around 1:00 A.M. and got him out.

And then . . . CVS said they wanted to CHARGE the guy for the snacks he’d eaten.

But apparently they realized that was going to make them look pretty bad, so they changed their mind and decided the Fig Newtons and milk were on the house.


Talking to Your Pets or Car Is a Sign of Intelligence

Here’s some good news if you ever realize you’ve just spent the past 15 minutes talking to your DOG while they just stared at you blankly and occasionally licked themselves.  It’s not a sign that you’re NUTS . . . it’s a sign that you’re SMART.

A behavioral scientist from the University of Chicago says that when you talk to your pets, your plants, your car, or anything else that’s not an actual person, you’re just demonstrating a high social IQ and a uniquely human need to bond and connect.

Quote, “Recognizing the mind in other animals, a god, or even a gadget . . . is a reflection of our brain’s greatest ability, rather than a sign of our stupidity.”


Delta Bought 800 Pizzas for Stranded Passengers

  This kind of thing almost makes you forgive the airlines for all those fees they tack on.  Almost.

Hundreds of flights got delayed all across the South on Wednesday because of thunderstorms and tornado warnings.

Delta alone had to cancel about 300 flights.  A lot of people were stranded at the airport, or stuck sitting on the tarmac for several hours.

So instead of letting them all starve, Delta paid to have PIZZA delivered.

According to one report, they bought over EIGHT HUNDRED pizzas for passengers in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and a few other states.

A bunch of passengers posted photos on Twitter and talked about how great it was.

They also bought about 60 foot-long subs for passengers in Nashville.  And they handed out 20 trays of chicken biscuits to people stuck at the airport in Panama City, Florida.

(AJC / Huffington Post / ABC News)


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