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Some Parents Are Changing Fairy Tales to Make Them More Politically Correct

Fairy tales were written in a time when things were VERY different.  And that’s leading to a very “2018” trend.

According to a new survey, a quarter of parents say they change parts of those classic stories when they tell them to their kids . . . because they’re too scary, they send a bad message, or they’re not politically correct.

Here are the fairy tales they’re most likely to change . . .

1.  In “Little Red Riding Hood”, the wolf doesn’t eat the grandma . . . and instead of killing him, he and Red Riding Hood become friends at the end.

2.  In “The Three Little Pigs”, they don’t trick the wolf into going down a chimney into a boiling pot, he just apologizes and they let him go.

3.  “The Gingerbread Man” doesn’t get eaten at the end.

4.  “Hansel and Gretel” don’t get abandoned in the woods, and they don’t kill the witch to escape.


Thieves Steal TV While Homeowner Is Blasting 80’s Music

A Columbus, Ohio woman was upstairs in her home blasting Devo’s “Whip It” when burglars broke in downstairs and stole her television. The woman’s music was so loud that she didn’t hear the thieves. She only found out her home was robbed after she looked at her home surveillance video.


You Can Use Milk to Help Heal a Sunburn?


A lot of people get sunburns this time of year.  It’s not super-hot yet, so you don’t think you need sunblock.  But you DO.  So remember to put some on whenever you’re outside.

Now here’s a trick that can help if you DO get a sunburn . . .

You probably know aloe helps your skin heal.  But if you don’t have any, there’s something else in your fridge that can help too.

A cold compress using MILK instead of water can take some of the pain away and speed up the healing process.

It helps cool your skin down.  The vitamin A and vitamin D help you heal.  And the lactic acid acts like an exfoliant and gets rid of all the dead skin.

Just lightly soak a washcloth in milk and put it directly on your skin.  Or you can use yogurt and spread it on like lotion.

It might not completely take the pain away.  So if you’re still hurting, your best bet is a regular old painkiller, like Advil or Tylenol.

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