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Posting a Daily Selfie Is Good For Your Mental Health?

I’ve got a lot of ways I’d describe people who post daily selfies, but “mentally healthy” isn’t one of them.

Well . . . what do I know?

According to a new study out of England, taking a photo every day and posting it on social media improves your wellbeing.

The researchers focused on selfies, but they say that it works for any photo.

Why?  They found when you stop what you’re doing to take a photo and then share it with the world, it keeps you motivated, sharp, and engaged with your friends.  So you feel less lonely, and more in tune with the rest of the world.


A Guy Wants Doritos . . . So He Breaks Into a Taco Bell to Eat the Shells


This seems like an awfully complicated way to get Doritos, considering you can buy a bag of them in, like, every convenience store in the country.


A 22-year-old guy named Jose Cruz in Pasadena, California was drunk and hungry for some Doritos around 3:15 A.M. last Saturday.


So . . . he broke into a Taco Bell and ate 10 SHELLS for their Doritos Locos tacos.


By the time the cops got to the Taco Bell, he was gone . . . but about four hours later, he wandered up to the police station and confessed.


He’s facing one count of commercial burglary.


Facebook Just Announced a Brand New Feature That Will Basically Turn It Into a Dating Site

Facebook really wants you to love them again . . . so maybe if they find you an actual PERSON to love, some of that affection will transfer over to them?

Facebook just announced a brand new feature that will basically turn it into a DATING SITE.

You’ll be able to opt-in to the service and turn your current profile into a dating profile . . . and then they’ll find you potentially good matches with other single people who you aren’t already friends with.

And ironically, Facebook’s complete disregard for our security and privacy might actually make this dating site MORE secure than the other ones.

Since they already know so much about you, it could be a lot harder to fake things on their dating site than it is on the other dating sites out there.  Plus if you’ve ever wanted a Russian boyfriend or girlfriend, your chances of getting one just went WAY up.

Facebook says the new feature is launching soon . . . but in the meantime, it’s BAD NEWS for the other dating sites out there. and its parent company both had massive drops in their stock prices after the announcement yesterday.

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