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Trader Joe’s Is Now Selling a “Healthier” Version of Hot Cheetos

I’m not sure that when any of us pound an entire bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos we’re THAT focused on our health . . . but hey, I guess we COULD be.

Trader Joe’s just released their own knockoff version of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, called Spicy Cheese Crunchies.  And apparently they taste pretty darn similar . . . and they’re SLIGHTLY healthier.

The Trader Joe’s version has 30 fewer calories per serving . . . they use more natural spices for the flavor . . . and they use paprika and turmeric instead of red dye.


It Will Cost $170-a-Week to Entertain Your Kids This Summer

  Your kids are wrapping up at free babysitting . . . also known as “school” . . . for the year.  And that means for three long months, they’re your problem again.

And you’ll solve that problem the way everyone tries to solve a problem . . . by throwing money at it.

According to a new study, parents spend an average of $170-a-week entertaining their kids during the summer.  That’s about $24-a-day which . . . unfortunately . . . sounds pretty accurate.

That includes the cost of things like camps, amusement parks, sports, other activities, movies, new toys and books, trips, and meals out.

On the bright side, once they’re back in school, the cost of keeping them entertained drops down to $66-a-week.  Which is still a lot . . . but it’s more than $100-a-week less than the summer.



Our Biggest Regret Is Not Achieving Our Dreams . . . Plus the Six Things That Get in Our Way

  A new study asked people about their biggest regrets, and the most common answer by far is that we aren’t living up to our “ideal selves” . . . because we haven’t hit our goals or achieved our dreams.

So what’s stopping us from going for it?  Another survey asked people what’s getting in their way, and here are the results . . .

1.  I’m not disciplined enough, 30%.

2.  Money, 19%.

3.  Fear, 17%.

4.  Time, 10%.

5.  A lack of support, 5%.

6.  A lack of training, 4%.


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