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The World’s Strongest Coffee Is Now Available in America

  There are some mornings where I’m pretty sure there’s NO coffee in the world that’s strong enough to wake me up.  Now I’m LITERALLY going to be able to put that to the test.

The world’s STRONGEST coffee is finally on sale in America.

It’s called Black Insomnia Coffee, and it debuted in South Africa last year.  It has 702 milligrams of caffeine in a 12-ounce cup.

That’s more than three times the caffeine in the same size cup at Starbucks . . . about nine times the caffeine in a can of Red Bull . . . or 21 times the caffeine in a can of Coke.

That’s still a safe amount to drink, although you always need to be careful with extreme amounts of caffeine.  A study from 2005 found it probably takes five grams of caffeine to put your life in danger . . . which would be seven cups of this coffee.

Black Insomnia just went on sale on Amazon and it sold out immediately, but you can hop on their waiting list to get an alert when it’s available again.

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It’s Official: Facebook Is as Addictive as Cigarettes

We all should quit Facebook.  At this point it’s like 3% good for keeping in touch with long lost friends and 97% infuriating political posts.  But we can’t.

According to a new study out of the Netherlands, Facebook can be JUST as addictive as cigarettes or chocolate.  The researchers even found that just seeing the Facebook logo could set off, quote, “spontaneous pleasure cravings” in people’s brains.

And of course, like any addiction, overdoing it on Facebook can be bad for you . . . especially when your virtual social life keeps you from having a real one.  So if you’re hooked on social media, they STRONGLY advise trying to scale back.

(The Sun)

Scorpion sighting prompts delay of United flight out of Houston

 A United Airlines flight from Houston to Ecuador was delayed when passengers reported seeing a scorpion crawl out from a man’s clothing. Photo by Clinton & Charles Robertson/Wikimedia Commons
 May 12 (UPI) — A United Airlines flight out of Houston was delayed for hours after a scorpion was spotted crawling out from a sleeping passenger’s sleeve.

Passengers on Flight 1035 fromGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport to Ecuador Thursday evening said the plane had already been delayed by weather when the pilot came over the loudspeaker and told them the plane was being evacuated because a “bug” had been spotted on board.

Witnesses said a passenger at the back of the plane reportedly saw a scorpion crawl out from a sleeping seatmate’s sleeve and run under the man’s chair.

Passengers initially reported a man had been stung, but United said there were no injuries.

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