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Choose the news 5/16/17

Pop-Tarts With Jolly Rancher Filling Have Arrived to Kill You

So Pop-Tarts aren’t even trying to pretend they’re part of a healthy breakfast anymore, huh?

Because there are three new flavors of Pop-Tarts that were just announced . . . and they’re filled with JOLLY RANCHERS.  There are three different types:  Watermelon, cherry, and green apple.

They’ll be hitting stores later this month.


Do You Eat Normal Foods in Strange Ways?

  There really aren’t right and wrong ways to eat different foods . . . as far as I’m concerned, just shove it into your mouth however you want.  But you still might want to know if everyone else is gorging differently than you are.

A new survey asked people if they eat certain normal foods in strange ways.  Here are the results . . .

1.  21% of people don’t peel their string cheese, they just bite the entire thing.

2.  14% eat ribs with a knife and fork.

3.  19% eat macaroni and cheese with a spoon.

4.  18% eat pizza with a knife and fork.

5.  7% eat pizza crust first.

6.  5% don’t break apart Kit Kat bars and just take bites of the entire thing.

7.  5% eat canned ravioli straight out of the can, cold.

8.  And 1% of people eat their cereal with milk and ice cubes.


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