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McDonald’s Has Invented a Fork Made Out of French Fries

  There’s a fundamental problem with a fork that’s made out of French fries:  You’ll eat the fork.  But McDonald’s just went ahead and made it anyway.

McDonald’s just invented something called the “Frork,” which is a little red plastic handle, that you can shove three fries into to make a fork.

It’s part of their pitch for their fancier “Signature” sandwiches.  Basically, they’re saying that the sandwiches are so good that you’ll want to use the French fry fork to scoop up, quote, “every last bite” of the sauces.  Or something.

Even they admit it doesn’t make a ton of practical sense.  But we’re talking about it, so I guess it accomplished its goal.

If you want a Frork, you can get one by buying a Signature sandwich starting on Friday.


The Sexiest Career Is . . . Lawyer?

Once upon a time, it was a turn-off to find out someone was a lawyer.  You know, because of their well-earned reputation of being the WORST.

But apparently times have changed . . . and now we can deal with someone being the worst if they’ve got money.  A dating app called Happn analyzed their 1.7 million users to figure out which JOBS were most likely to get you dates.

And the sexiest job for both men and women is lawyer.

The other sexiest jobs for men are doctor . . . engineer . . . investment analyst . . . trader . . . banker . . . and teacher.

The other sexiest jobs for women are marketing . . . finance . . . designer . . . architect . . . and nurse.



A Study Finds Two Beers Are Better For Pain Relief Than Tylenol

Well I can’t see any downside here.

A new study out of the University of Greenwich in England found that drinking TWO BEERS is actually better for pain relief than TYLENOL.  In their study, people who drank after a minor injury reported 25% less pain than people who took Tylenol.

The researchers say that getting your blood-alcohol level into the “slightly drunk” zone, quote, “produces a small elevation of pain threshold [and a] moderate to large reduction in pain intensity.”  Now you know.

(Daily Mail)

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