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Jeans That Convert to Jean Shorts Are Now on Sale . . . For $425

The STUPID JEANS trend just keeps moving.  In the past month we’ve seen companies selling see-through jeans and ones that are pre-stained in fake mud.  And now . . . this.

A brand called Y/Project just started selling women’s jeans that have detachable legs . . . so you can quickly convert them to jean shorts.  Only the legs don’t QUITE line up, so even when you wear them as jeans there are little uncovered gaps around your thighs.

And naturally, they cost $425.

(NY Mag

Five Survival Myths That Could Get You Killed

  We saw a list online of a bunch of survival myths you see in movies all the time.  But they don’t actually work.  And they could KILL YOU if you actually tried them in real life.

1.  “You can suck the venom out of a snakebite.”  It doesn’t work and just gets bacteria into the wound.  Instead, keep the bite below heart level, and get to a hospital.  Just don’t panic, because you want to keep your heart rate low.

2.  “Always play dead if you’re attacked by a bear.”  If it’s a brown bear or a grizzly bear like the movie “The Revenant”, that’s true.  But black bears are way more common in the U.S., and you need to FIGHT BACK if they attack you.

3.  “If you’re lost in the woods, you need to find food.”  Don’t waste your time and energy on it, because you can actually survive several WEEKS without food.  Finding water is a lot more important.  You’ll be dead in a few days if you don’t.

4.  “If you break open a cactus, you can drink the water.”  Some types do have water in them, but it’s not CLEAN water.  The chemicals in it can make you sick.  Then you’ll puke and be even more dehydrated.

5.  “If you’re attacked by a shark, punch it in the nose.”  You’re actually better off going for its eyes or its gills.

Teachers Give a Student With ADHD an Award For “Most Likely to Not Pay Attention”

  It’s almost like these teachers WANTED to get fired.

Two teachers at Memorial Middle School in Conyers, Georgia gave out some end-of-the-year AWARDS at an assembly last week.  One of the awards was “Most Likely to Not Pay Attention.”

And . . . they gave it to a 14-year-old girl with ADHD.

When she took the trophy home and told her mom what happened, her mom flipped out.

The school wound up apologizing and they said the two teachers who gave the award won’t be returning next year.  It’s not clear if they were fired or they were, um, strongly encouraged to resign, but either way they’re gone.

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