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Choose the news 5/31/17

You Waste 29 Hours a Year Following Bad Advice From Your GPS

Whether you use Google Maps, Waze, Apple Maps, the navigation system built into your car, or your 2003 Garmin that really should be in a landfill right now . . . sometimes, they steer you wrong.

According to a new survey, the average person wastes 29 hours a year because of bad advice from their GPS.

The main ways they waste our time are by giving us confusing directions so we have to backtrack . . . picking dumb routes . . . or leading us into bad traffic.

If you average it out, your GPS is costing you around a half hour a week . . . which actually seems about right.

The survey also found 47% of us have gotten into a shouting match with our GPS even though, you know, it’s not a person and it can’t hear you.

(The Telegraph)

Parents Steal $60 a Year from Their Children’s Piggy Banks

I guess this is one way to teach your kids about taxes.

According to a new survey, the average parents steal $60 from their children’s piggy banks every year.  And more than one-third of them don’t pay the money back.

But I guess they’re mostly getting away with it . . . because only 39% of the parents who take money say their kid has noticed.

(Daily Mail)

Would You Confuse Dog Treats For Bacon? A New Lawsuit Says Yes

This lawsuit really rests on whether some lawyers can prove Americans are dumb enough to confuse dog treats for bacon.

Hormel has been selling a type of bacon with the brand name “Black Label” since 1963.  But back in January of this year, Purina created a line of Beggin’ Strips for dogs that LOOK like bacon called Black Label . . . and the packaging looks kind of similar.

So Hormel just SUED Purina for trademark infringement . . . because they’re afraid people will confuse dog treats for bacon and vice versa.  They want the dog treats off shelves AND for Purina to pay them for, quote, “irreparable harm and injury”.


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