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Holding a Puppy Makes Men 24% Sexier . . . Cats Make Women Less Sexy

Cat lovers are going to hate this study.  Researchers recently had people judge how attractive strangers were by looking at pictures of them with different PETS.  And having a DOG makes you seem much sexier than having a cat.

The sexiest pet to have if you’re a man is a PUPPY.  People thought guys were 24% sexier when they were holding a puppy . . . 14% more trustworthy . . . 7% smarter . . . and 14% more attractive overall.

Cats only made guys 5% sexier.  Kittens had even LESS of an effect, at 4%.

Once that puppy grows up, it won’t have much of an effect though.  Small and medium dogs only made guys 3% sexier, and large dogs only gave them a 2% boost.  But overall, guys were seen as slightly more attractive with dogs than cats.

If you’re a WOMAN, the sexiest pet to have is a MEDIUM-SIZED DOG.  They made women seem 7% sexier . . . 7% more trustworthy . . . 6% smarter . . . and 7% more attractive overall.

Posing with a cat actually made women slightly LESS sexy, and kittens basically had no effect.  Puppies gave women a 3% boost in sexiness . . . small dogs, 4% . . . and large dogs, 3%.


Is It Okay to Flirt With Other People So You’ll Have a Backup If Your Relationship Ends?

It rarely hurts to have a backup plan . . . but this is one of those cases where it seems like it’s got a TON of downside.

“Cushioning” is a new dating term that describes when someone who’s in a relationship flirts with other people . . . so if they wind up breaking up, they’ll have backups immediately ready to go.

But is that a smart move . . . or basically just a sign that you don’t have any faith in your relationship?  I feel like it’s the second one, and here’s why:  If you found out your significant other was doing it, you’d be FURIOUS.

(New York Post)

Men Spend 68% More on Mother’s Day Than Valentine’s Day

  Your husband or boyfriend loves you very much.  But . . . and please don’t take in an Oedipal way . . . he loves his mother WAY more.

According to a new survey, men spend 68% more on Mother’s Day than they do on Valentine’s Day.

And there’s more . . .

1.  25% of men would rather see their favorite football team lose than disappoint their mother.

2.  17% would rather be stood up on a date than let their mom down.

3.  And 11% would be late to their own wedding if they had to do something for their mother.

(Daily Mail)

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