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The Average Person Doesn’t Think They’re Grown Up Until 33 . . . Plus the 10 Signs You’re an “Adult Child”

  According to a new survey, the average person doesn’t think they’re grown up until age 33.  And here are the top 10 signs that you’re right . . . you’re NOT grown up and you’re still an “adult child” . . .

1.  Binge watching an entire season of a TV show in a weekend.

2.  Getting a tattoo.

3.  Being in group text chats with your friends.

4.  Using Snapchat’s selfie filters.

5.  Buying a pair of limited edition sneakers.

6.  Listening to pop music.

7.  Voting for someone on a reality singing show.

8.  Going to a music festival.

9.  Regularly raiding your cupboards for cookies.

10.  Using a “funny” phone case.


There’s a Simple Trick to Make Your Luggage Come Out First at Baggage Claim

Waiting for your luggage is one of the worst parts about flying.  After a five-hour flight, that extra 10 or 15 minutes feels like an eternity.  So here’s a trick that might cut your wait in half . . .

There’s something you can do to increase the odds of your bag coming out FIRST.  And it’s so simple, we can’t believe we’d never heard it before.  When you check your luggage, ask them to put a sticker or tag on it that says “FRAGILE.”

Most airlines have them for free.  And it increases the odds of your bag being loaded onto the plane last.

That’s good, because when they unload the plane, there’s a higher chance they’ll send it to the carousel first.  Or at least in the first group of bags.

Plus, the other added benefit is they might be a little more careful with your stuff.  Which is good even if you don’t have anything too breakable in there.


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