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A New Workout Program Shocks You While You Exercise . . . and Produces Way Quicker Results?

We’ve got a story here about a new workout program where you get ELECTRIC SHOCKS while you exercise.

But it turns out it’s not what I thought, which was a personal trainer zapping you with a cattle prod every time you slow down on a treadmill.  (Although I feel like that could be SUPER effective too . . .)

A gym in New York City called Shock Therapy hooks people up to special suits that are powered with something called Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology.

So while you’re exercising, it’s sending safe little pulses of electricity through your muscles, which helps activate them and makes the training more effective.

And they say that the shocks are so effective that you’ll get results in HALF the time it would normally take.  Their workouts only last 30 minutes, but the benefits to your body are just like the ones you’d get if you worked out normally for an hour.

They’re charging $50 per class for the treatment.  And there’s no word on whether they plan to expand their program to other gyms or other cities.


14% of People Have Had Sex at Work

  Even in today’s climate . . . where, you know, society is FINALLY taking sexual harassment seriously . . . apparently that’s not stopping coworkers from flirting and getting-it-on.

According to a new survey, 44% of people have had a workplace romance . . . and 10% had one with their BOSS.

60% of those relationships ended within a year . . . but 25% of them led to marriage.  And 17% of them cost someone their job.

The survey also found 14% of people have had sex at work.  That means if you look around today at seven of your coworkers, statistically, one of them has gotten-it-on in the office.

And one more thing: Relationships at work might be GOOD for productivity.

92% of people said having one made them more excited to come to work . . . 50% say it made them work harder . . . and 14% have stayed late at work just to flirt with a coworker.


A Hockey Player Says the Tip of His Finger “Kinda Fell Off” During the Stanley Cup Finals


I know rugby is the trendy “tough guy sport” these days, but let’s never forget what MONSTERS hockey players can be.

BROOKS ORPIK of the Washington Capitals lost the tip of his pinky during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals . . . and he just got it stitched back on and KEPT PLAYING.  Seriously.  He didn’t miss any time.

Talking to reporters yesterday, he said it, quote, “kinda fell off.”

If you’re already getting queasy, you might want to cover your ears for a second, because Brooks is underplaying this quite a bit.  The finger didn’t “kinda fall off” . . . it was SLASHED OFF by a hockey stick.

The wielder of said hockey stick was ERIK HAULA of the Vegas Golden Knights.  For slicing off a guy’s finger with a wooden stick, Haula got five minutes in the penalty box.

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