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Choose the news 6/20/18

Pumpkin Spice Frosted Flakes Are Coming Out Soon

Based on the way trends are going, this fall you MIGHT be able to get a pumpkin spice version of every single food in the world.  And I’m good with it.

The people at Kellogg’s just announced they’ll be making pumpkin spice FROSTED FLAKES this year.  They should hit stores before the end of summer.  And according to a few food bloggers who got to test them, they’re REALLY good.

The only question:  Why are they bothering to wait to release them?  Kellogg’s already kicked off pumpkin spice season with Special K Pumpkin Spice Crunch cereal showing up in stores last



Important Question: Is Male Chest Hair Hot or Not?

I know it’s been a lot of years since TOM SELLECK was America’s number one male sex symbol, but apparently, everyone’s forgotten what he brought to the table.

A new survey asked people if CHEST HAIR is hot or not.  And the answer is . . . no.  At least according to the ladies.

28% of women say they like chest hair, versus 35% who don’t.  Men slightly prefer chest hair by a tiny margin . . . 21% like it, 20% don’t.



Men Leave Gator At Gas Station

Manatee County, Florida sheriff’s are looking for the two men, who recently abandoned an injured alligator inside a Wawa convenience store and gas station in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. The police were called to the store at 2:24 a.m. after customers spotted the gator roaming the aisles. A trapper removed the gator from the store.

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