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Crayola Now Has a Beauty Line of Makeup “Face Crayons”

I’m not sure ANYONE makes it through childhood without developing a deep passion for Crayola crayons.  So good news:  Now that you’re an adult, you’re going to get a chance to draw that nostalgia all over your face.

Crayola just launched a new BEAUTY line of makeup “face crayons.”  And they come in the classic yellow and green Crayola boxes and everything.

There are 58 different products in 95 different colors, including eye shadow, highlighters, mascaras, lipstick, and more.

If you want them, you can order from the online fashion store


Woman Blames High Speed Chase On Doppleganger

The Journal Sentinel claims the Waukesha, Wisconsin police recently arrested Dianna Warchol for leading them on a high-speed chase. Diannaa was able to outrun cops before she ditched her car and took off on foot. Officers found her smartphone and a Walgreens receipt before going to her home. Dianna told detectives that her doppelganger (look-alike) was the one, who led them on the chase. She was charged with fleeing and driving with a revoked license.


9% of People Think Foot Massages Are “Gross”

I love foot massages.  Giving them, not receiving them.  It’s hard for me to relax when I’m just feeling bad for the person who has to touch my sweaty, gnarled feet.

A new survey asked people how they feel about foot massages and, it turns out, most people are good with them.  38% say they’re great . . . 34% say they’re fine . . . and only 9% of people hate them.

Women are much more likely to say they’re GREAT . . . men don’t like them quite as much, and are more likely to say they’re fine.

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