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Choose the news 6/1/17

Divorce Selfies Are Inexplicably a New Photo Trend

The question of “When is it inappropriate to take a selfie?” comes up a lot.  And here’s a case where MY answer is apparently very different from other people’s.  Because the hot new trend is . . . DIVORCE SELFIES.

Yep, couples are taking selfies while they’re getting divorced and using the hashtag #divorceselfies to share them on social media.

From the pictures we’ve seen, some of them are at a lawyer’s office . . . some are just the couple holding their papers . . . and in some cases, one of the people REALLY doesn’t look happy to be part of the picture.


Breaking News: Drinking Tequila Makes You Lose Weight?

  You’re not going to believe this, but according to a new study, drinking TEQUILA helps you lose weight.  And not just because it makes you vomit out the contents of your stomach.

Tequila is made from an agave plant.  And researchers found that some of the natural sugars in that plant do GREAT things for you.

They lower your blood sugar . . . they help make you feel fuller . . . and they help healthy bacteria grow in your mouth and intestines.

Now . . . this doesn’t really mean that if you want to lose weight, you can eat whatever you want as long as you finish it off with five tequila shots.

The researchers just say that if you ARE out drinking and you want to order something that won’t derail your weight loss progress, tequila might just be the best option.

(The Independent)

The Healthiest Breakfasts at Seven Fast Food Joints

Someone went through the menus at a bunch of fast food joints, and figured out the healthiest breakfast you can order.  Basically, you just want to go with a simple egg sandwich.  But here’s exactly what to order at seven fast food places . . .


1.  McDonald’s.  An Egg McMuffin, hold the ham.  Even with no meat it’s got a lot of salt.  But besides that, it’s not that bad for you.  And it’s only 300 calories.

2.  Burger King.  An Egg and Cheese English Muffin.  So basically the same as an Egg McMuffin with no ham.  But it’s only 270 calories.

3.  Starbucks.  The Spinach and Feta Wrap.  It actually has MORE salt than an Egg McMuffin, but less fat, more protein, and only 290 calories.

4.  Taco Bell.  The Breakfast Soft Taco “Fresco Style.”  That means no cheese.  So it’s basically eggs and salsa on a tortilla.  240 calories.

5.  Subway.  The Egg and Cheese Sandwich on flatbread.  360 calories, and you can add all the veggies you want.

6.  Dunkin’ Donuts.  The Egg White Sandwich on flatbread.  280 calories.

7.  Chick-fil-A.  Sorry, no chicken.  The healthiest breakfast there is the Greek Yogurt Parfait.  Not much salt, not too much fat, and it’s only 230 calories.

(Business Insider)

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