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Choose the news 6/27/17

Weddings at Taco Bell in Vegas Start on August 7th and Will Run You $600

Taco Bell announced earlier this year that their new location on the Las Vegas strip would offer WEDDINGS . . . so you can fulfill your lifelong dream of getting married inside America’s second-most mockable fast food chain.  Behind Arby’s, of course.

Well . . . now you can finally set a date, because Taco Bell just announced that their marriage chapel officially opens on August 7th.

And if you want to get married there, it’ll run you $600 . . . but for that price, you get a dozen tacos, a cake, and a bouquet made out of hot sauce packets.  Yes, really.

Just Being in the Same Room as Your Phone Makes You Instantly Dumber

Our phones can answer any question we have or solve almost any problem we’re faced with . . . so why do we even NEED our brains anymore?

A new study out of the University of Texas found that when we’re just in the same ROOM as our smart phones, it instantly makes us dumber.  Yeah, your brain realizes it doesn’t need to work as hard thanks to your phone . . . so it doesn’t.

And there’s another reason too.  The researchers say we’re so addicted to our phones that our brains have to burn a lot of energy just keeping us from picking up our phones to check the notifications.

Are These Things Better During the Summer or Winter?

When it was freezing outside, you begged for the summer to hurry up and come.  And now that you’re melting . . . a little snow doesn’t sound so bad, right?

A new survey asked people if different activities are better in the summer or the winter.  Here are the results . . .

1.  Getting drunk . . . 86% say it’s better in the summer, 14% say it’s better in winter.

2.  Driving . . . 83% say summer, 18% say winter.

3.  Vacations . . . 73% summer, 27% winter.

4.  Spending time outdoors . . . 65% summer, 35% winter.

5.  Showers . . . 59% summer, 41% winter.

6.  Exercising . . . 45% summer, 55% winter.

7.  Eating . . . 44% summer, 56% winter.

8.  Reading . . . 33% summer, 67% winter.

9.  Coffee . . . 31% summer, 69% winter.

10.  Sex . . . 24% summer, 76% winter.

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