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Playing Video Games Makes You More Likely to Succeed at Work

Next time you get home from work, take off your pants, slump down on the couch, and play video games until it’s time to go to sleep, you’re not being LAZY . . . you’re doing CAREER DEVELOPMENT.

A new study out of Scotland found that people who play video games are more likely to succeed at work than people who don’t.

The researchers found that video games are great for developing critical thinking, problem solving, resourcefulness, and adapting to tricky situations.

And you don’t have to be a hardcore gamer to get those results . . . they found that it only takes about two hours a week of video games to train your mind.


Sending Someone Two Strategically Timed Texts Helps Increase Your Odds of a Response

  If you text someone and they don’t write back, your PRIDE probably keeps you from sending another message . . . because “double texting” seems like a pretty NEEDY move.

But apparently . . . it works.  A new study looked at online dating to see if “double texting” was effective . . . and we’re pretty sure their results can apply to any situation where you’re texting someone and you really want a response.

The study found that if someone doesn’t respond to a text, you should send them another one exactly three hours and 52 minutes later.

If you do that, the person is more likely to respond to you than to ignore you.  If you don’t send that second text, they’re more likely to ignore you.

And even if they don’t write back to the second text immediately, your odds of EVER hearing from them are still higher.  You’ve got about a one in three shot of hearing from them eventually . . . versus a one in 500 shot if you hadn’t sent the second text.

The study didn’t get into whether you should ever send a THIRD text, but we’re thinking that’s because there’s no situation where THAT’S a good idea.

These 9 Restaurants in Utah Have the Best Seafood Ever

If you love seafood and you live in Utah, your choices are somewhat limited. After all, our beautiful state is a looong way from the ocean. Still, if you look around, you can find several amazing seafood restaurants that offer fresh, delicious fish and delicacies from the ocean. This list doesn’t include sushi restaurants, or restaurants that specialize in other things (such as steak); they are offered alphabetically.

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