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The Safest and Least Safe States, Based on Everything From Crime to Natural Disasters

When I saw that there was a new list ranking the states by how safe they are, I figured it was based on crime stats.

But then I looked, and saw there were literally dozens of other legit factors that went into determining safety.  And now I’m scared and want to cry.

WalletHub ranked the states from safest to least safe using 37 different criteria, including crime rates . . . insurance coverage . . . job security . . . DUIs and fatal crashes . . . workplace injuries . . . disease rates . . . and natural disasters.

And based on all of that, the 10 safest states are:  Vermont . . . Maine . . . Massachusetts . . . Minnesota . . . New Hampshire . . . Washington . . . Connecticut . . . Rhode Island . . . Utah . . . and Hawaii.

The 10 least safe are:  Mississippi . . . Louisiana . . . Oklahoma . . . South Carolina . . . Missouri . . . Arkansas . . . Montana . . . South Dakota . . . Florida . . . and Texas.


Popeyes Just Created Chicken Fingers Covered in Cookie Dough

Popeyes just went insane and I am in love with them for it.

They just created a new version of their chicken strips that are breaded with COOKIE DOUGH.  They look like regular chicken tenders, but the coating is made out of shortbread cookies so they’re sweet when you bite into them.

They’re on sale through the 25th.


There’s a New Bathrobe For Men That Looks Like a Hoodie and Sweatpants

Leaving the house in your bathrobe might be the ULTIMATE sign you’ve given up.  Leaving the house in sweatpants is the number two sign.  Now you can do both at the same time!  Yay?

There’s a Kickstarter going on right now for a product called the DudeRobe, which is a bathrobe that’s disguised as a hoodie and sweatpants.  The insides are lined with that sweet bathrobe towel material you love.

If you want them, it’s $54 for the pants, $64 for the hoodie, or $114 for both.  They’re scheduled to ship in October.



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