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Choose The News 7/27/18

Sucking Up to Your Boss Makes You Worse at Your Job?

Here’s an important question for the future of your career:  Which will get you further, doing amazing work or sucking up to your boss?  Because, apparently, “both” isn’t an option.

A new study out of Oregon State University found that when people kiss up to their bosses, it drains their energy . . . so they get WORSE at their job.  They start wasting more time online, missing deadlines, and getting into fights with coworkers.

The researchers say, quote, “There’s a personal cost to ingratiating yourself with your boss.  When your energy is depleted, it may nudge you into slack-off territory.”


The Best Shark Attack Movies of All Time . . . and “Sharknado 2” Is #2?

In celebration of ‘Shark Week,’ put together a list of ‘The 10 Best Shark Attack Movies,’ which is interesting because shark attack movies aren’t exactly known for being very good.

Well, ‘good’ in the Academy Award sense, at least.

In fact, “Jaws” is really the ONLY shark attack movie to get any Oscar love . . . it was nominated for Best Picture, and took home three awards, for Best Sound, Best Editing, and Best Music.

So obviously, it’s #1 . . . and then it goes downhill fast.  Here’s the Top 10:

1.  “Jaws”, 1975

2.  “Sharknado 2: The Second One”, 2014

3.  “The Shallows”, 2016

4.  “Finding Nemo”, 2003, which is NOT a ‘shark attack’ movie.  And if it were, it should probably be ranked higher.

5.  “Open Water”, 2004

6.  “Sharknado”, 2013

7.  “The Reef”, 2010

8.  “Jaws 2”, 1978

9.  “Soul Surfer”, 2011

10.  “Deep Blue Sea”, 1999





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