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Choose the news 7/13/17

A New Orange Banana Could Save Hundreds of Thousands of Lives a Year

  A lot of people are still suspicious about GMOs . . . that’s “genetically modified organisms.”  But it’s hard to argue THIS isn’t good news . . .

For the past ten years, researchers in Australia have been working on a new type of banana that could save hundreds of thousands of lives EVERY YEAR.

They crossbred two types.  One is a normal Cavendish banana, which is what you’re used to seeing in grocery stores.  The other is a smaller type from New Guinea that’s extremely high in vitamin A.

That’s important, because up to 750,000 children die every year from a vitamin A deficiency, mostly in Africa.  So the new bananas are bigger, easier to grow, and packed with WAY more vitamin A than the kind people eat in places like Uganda.

The weird part is all that vitamin A makes the bananas ORANGE.  The peel is slightly orange instead of yellow, and the part you eat is orange too.  (I know there’s an “orange you glad I didn’t say banana” joke in here somewhere.)

The next step is trying to grow them on a massive scale in Africa.  The researchers still have another six years of red tape to get through, but it’s looking pretty good right now.

And if you’re wondering who’s behind this whole thing, most of the funding for the study has come from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Union files grievance over university’s use of goats to clear weeds

A labor union’s grievance filed against a Michigan university accuses the school of outsourcing laid-off landscapers’ jobs to a herd of hungry goats.

Western Michigan University announced earlier in the summer that a herd of goats from rental company Munchers on Hooves LLC would be taking care of lawn mowing at 15 woodland acres on the Kalamazoo school’s campus.

Kathi Babbit, chief steward of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees local 1668, said in a newsletter that she has filed a grievance accusing the school of using the goats to maintain lawns that would have otherwise been mowed by employees currently on lay-off.

Tinder Gives a Free Hawaii Trip to Two People Who’ve Been Chatting For Three Years Without Meeting


I thought the point of Tinder is to find someone THAT NIGHT to get-it-on with and then never see again.  This is like the exact opposite.

Back in September of 2014, a guy named Josh and a woman named Michelle in Cleveland, Ohio matched on Tinder . . . and Josh sent a message saying hi.

Michelle didn’t write back until more than two months later and said, quote, “Sorry my phone died!”  So Josh wrote HER back two months after that and said, quote, “Sorry, was in the shower.”

They’ve kept the running joke up for the past three years, writing back and forth every few months with some ridiculous excuse . . . but never actually meeting up.

Well . . . last week, Josh posted screenshots of their three years of conversations on Twitter.  It went viral, and Tinder found out about it.  So they offered Josh and Michelle a free trip to ANYWHERE to finally meet up.

Josh and Michelle picked Hawaii . . . so now Tinder is flying them there.


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