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Tabasco Is Releasing Their Hottest Sauce Ever . . . 20 Times Hotter Than the Original

  If you think Tabasco sauce isn’t HOT enough and might as well just call itself ketchup because that’s all it is . . . they’ve accepted your challenge.

Tabasco just released their HOTTEST sauce ever, called Scorpion Sauce.

It’s 20 times hotter than the original.

It’s only available for a limited time, and they sold out of their first batch online almost immediately, so you’ll have to check to keep an eye out for when they restock.

Or, if you’re REALLY motivated to get some, you can go buy it in person at Tabasco’s company headquarters in Avery Island, Louisiana.  (Bon Appetit)

Six Tips to Stay Cool in the Summer When You Don’t Have A/C

Here are six tips on how to stay cool when you don’t have air conditioning . . .

1.  Turn off lights and unplug TVs and computers.  Electrical appliances emit heat, and TVs and computers are some of the hottest.  And even if they’re turned OFF, they can still heat up a room just by being plugged in.

2.  Keep the shades closed.  It seems obvious, but it makes a BIG difference . . . especially in rooms that face the sun.

3.  Use windows and fans.  As soon as the temperature starts to drop in the evening, open doors and windows to get a breeze going throughout the house.  If there’s no breeze, use fans.

4.  Use cotton sheets.  Sheets made out of flannel or silk can trap heat and make you feel hot during the night.  Cotton sheets let your skin breathe and even wick away moisture from your skin.

5.  Freeze your sheets and pillowcases.  It sounds weird, but the coolness should last long enough for you to fall asleep on a hot night.

6.  Grill instead of using the stove.  Using the stove or oven heats up the kitchen, if not the entire house.  Hot summer days are a perfect time to fire up the barbecue and keep all that cooking heat OUTSIDE.

(Fox News)

Ten Signs You’re Living the ‘Modern’ American Dream

  A recent survey had people name the top signs you’re living the “modern” American dream.  It’s not exactly clear what that MEANS, but they posted a list of the top 30 answers, and some of them aren’t that crazy.

There are a few big ones, like owning a $40,000 car and having at least $35,000 in savings.  But here are ten that are a lot more attainable.  They’re a nice reminder of how good most Americans have it, even if it doesn’t always feel that way . . .

1.  Having a Netflix subscription.

2.  Voting, because it means you’re a U.S. citizen.

3.  Being able to buy gadgets every now and then, like a new phone.

4.  Having steak at least once a month.

5.  Being able to donate old clothes to Goodwill, because you don’t like them anymore.

6.  Having enough free time to do leisurely stuff, like going on walks or bike rides.

7.  Shopping at Whole Foods.  (???)

8.  Owning a big-screen TV.

9.  Having a fridge with an ice dispenser.

10.  Being able to take a day off work without having to worry about being fired.

(SWNS Digital)

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