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Dogs Go Through a Moody Teenage Phase Just Like We Do

If you just got a new puppy, don’t be surprised when he starts dressing in all black, writing mediocre and over-the-top depressing poetry, and locking himself in his room to listen to Morrissey.

According to a study out of the University of Nottingham in England, DOGS go through a moody teenage phase just like we do.

And it hits when they’re approximately eight months old.

So how do they show it?  The researchers say, quote, “Most owners report that previously learned commands are forgotten, their dogs become very impulsive and easily distracted, and their behavior becomes a bit erratic.”

On the bright side, it won’t last . . . and they should mature out of it pretty quickly.

A Study Finds Money Can Buy Happiness . . . Even If You Aren’t Rich

  One of the most famous clichés ever is:  “Money can’t buy you happiness.”  Well . . . a new study says that’s just BLATANTLY untrue.

Researchers at Harvard Business School just wrapped up a stu y of almost 4,500 people that found money can, in fact, buy you happiness.  And it can do it even if you aren’t rich.The study found that paying someone to do, quote, “unenjoyable daily tasks” to give you more free time will make you SIGNIFICANTLY more satisfied with your life.

And it worked even when people spent pretty reasonable amounts on help, like less than $80 a month, to take care of things like cooking, shopping, and their chores.

A Casino Just Got Hacked Through Its Internet-Connected Fish Tank

  It’s cool to have a bunch of “smart” products in your house . . . smart TV, smart thermostat, smart fridge, smart EVERYTHING.  But unless you have the advanced tech skills to keep them secure . . . they’re DUMB enough to screw you.


According to a cyber security firm, a casino just got hacked through their smart FISH TANK.  They didn’t reveal which casino, but they did say it was in North America.

The smart fish tank was connected to the Internet to automatically regulate the temperature and feed the fish.

But apparently, a group of hackers from Finland figured out that it wasn’t secured, so they hacked into it . . . and used the info they found to spot other vulnerable areas in the casino’s network that could get them REAL access.

The security firm figured out what was going on before the hackers could get to that second step though . . . and cut them off with just their intimate knowledge of the fish tank.

So keep this in mind, I guess, as you buy your next smart coffee pot or foot massager . . . because if someone REALLY wants to hack you, those could be a gateway.




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