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Choose the news 7/28/17

Is Your Foot the Same Size as Your Forearm?

Yeah, this seems juuuuuust about right for the type of thing the Internet would be obsessed with for a day or two.

Apparently an anime show called “Case Closed” claimed that a person’s FOOT is the same length as their FOREARM.  So now there’s a viral trend where people . . . at least the flexible ones . . . are posting photos of their foot next to their forearm.

And so far, according to a Buzzfeed survey, 79% have found that their foot and forearm ARE the same length.  17% say their arm is longer, and 4% say their foot is longer.


Here’s the “Right Way” to Eat a Crunchy Taco

When I’m eating tacos, I’m not really focused on the structural integrity or an optimal consumption matrix . . . I’m really just jamming them as fast as I can into my food hole.  But maybe you’re a better person than I.

A writer on just released a diagram of the ideal way to eat a crunchy taco to get all the flavors and keep it from falling apart on you.

You hold it in the middle, right where the meat meets the toppings.  Then you eat one end, then the other end, so that your last bites are the section in the middle.




(Here’s the diagram.)


Pumpkin Spice Foods Are Already Here . . . Werther’s Original Just Broke the Seal

It’s July 28th and the first PUMPKIN SPICE products just hit shelves.  Pumpkin spice creep MIGHT just be more extreme than Christmas creep.

So who broke the seal?  It was Werther’s Original, which just rolled out its pumpkin spice soft caramels to stores this week.

So grandmas, stock up your purses and candy dishes.

(Impulsive Buy

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