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Pop-Tarts Cereal . . . Which Only Existed For One Year in the Mid ’90s . . . Is Coming Back


The modern nostalgic rebooting trend is SO POWERFUL that now it’s even scooping up things that no one remembers.

Kellogg’s just announced they’re bringing back Pop-Tarts Cereal.

If you don’t remember Pop-Tarts Cereal, don’t feel too bad . . . it came out in the fall of 1994 and only lasted one year.  But it’s basically like a ton of tiny, puffy Pop-Tarts with a little frosting on top and some jelly inside.

Anyway, the new Pop-Tarts Cereal will come in the same original flavors you never tried:  Frosted Strawberry and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon.

It should hit stores early next year.


Bartender Selling Ad Space On Forehead


The Daily Mail claims a Birmingham, England bartender is renting out advertising space on his forehead for $125 a day. Tony O’Rourke is attempting to score 30-day deals. He tells the paper; ”I am offering a unique advertising opportunity for your business. I am prepared to have your company logo or slogan tattooed on my forehead – 30-days temporary – or elsewhere on my body as a permanent fixture. Negotiable prices and all ideas considered. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to boost awareness and custom for your business. My partner thinks it’s a stupid idea, but all I’m good at is stupid ideas. Any part of the body, any product. Well, within reason. I’ve got a young child. I can’t go round with a sex shop’s artwork on my forehead. I told my dad about it. At first he started laughing, then it hit him. He said ‘That’s actually a great idea’.”

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