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Choose The News 8/23/18

The Hot New Way to Relax Is . . . Listening to the Police Scanner Over Music?

For me, constantly hearing about all the CRIMES happening around me is stressful.  And that makes ME the weird one?

Apparently, the hot new way people are relaxing is . . . listening to the live police scanner played over music.  There’s a website called that lets you pick a music track, a city’s police radio, and mash them up.

I’ll say this:  It does become kind of hypnotic, hearing the dispatcher’s monotone voice played over slow, ambient music.  Relaxing though?  Your mileage may vary.



A Guy Posed As the Ghost of His Ex’s Mother to Try to Win Her Back

  This might be one of the CRAZIEST schemes we’ve heard of to try to get someone back after a break-up.

There’s a 51-year-old guy named Roy Meadwell in Yeovil, England.  And back in 2016, he was engaged to a woman named Kay Wimbury . . . but she broke things off.

He kept trying to get her back, and it got so bad that she got a restraining order against him.

But last summer, he came up with one more big scheme.  He wrote her a letter pretending to be the GHOST of her dead mother . . . and in the letter, he told Kay she should get back together with Roy.

She realized that the letter WASN’T coming from beyond the grave . . . and she went to the cops.

Roy was just sentenced to four months in prison for violating the restraining order, but the sentence is suspended as long as he doesn’t break the restraining order again . . . in the physical world OR the spirit world.


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