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People Who Are Sick of Tinder Are Now Into “Slow Dating” . . . Which You Might Just Know As Regular Dating


I love when people get burned out on technology and “invent” an alternative . . . that’s just the old way of doing things.

“Ugh, instead of the flood of news on social media, someone should just, like, print all the most important news on paper and send it to your house every day.”

Here’s the latest.  According to a report in the “Wall Street Journal”, younger, single people are getting tired of Tinder and the dating apps.  They’re overwhelming, they meet too many people, there’s too much ghosting, and they feel like a job.

So instead, they’ve created something called “slow dating” . . . which you might just know as regular dating.

“Slow dating” is where you meet someone in person . . . maybe at a singles’ event, maybe through a friend, or maybe just out at a bar . . . and then you go on a date with them.

There’s a 34-year-old woman in Texas named Susan who tried that approach.  She met a guy at a swing dancing event, she gave him her number, and now they’re dating.

She says, quote, “This is a more natural approach, and it’s what we should have been doing all along.”


The Pet That Kids Want Most Isn’t a Dog or Cat . . . It’s a Rat?

A company called RightPet just finished up an eight-year survey of more than 16,792 people from 113 countries.  And I know that’s a ton of data . . . but I still think one of their big findings HAS to be wrong.

Apparently, the pet that kids want the most isn’t a dog or a cat . . . or even a goldfish, a gerbil, a bunny, a guinea pig, a snake, or a turtle.  Nope . . . they want RATS.

Kids between 10 and 17 years old reported that pet rats were the most satisfying pets.  But once they become adults, they stop being so into rats and gravitate toward dogs and cats.



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