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Do Cops Really Give More Tickets at the End of the Month?


 Drive carefully today . . . because the cops are REALLY hoping they catch you doing 36 in a 35 like the hardened criminal you are.

According to a new study, cops really DO give more tickets out toward the end of a month . . . most likely to hit their quotas.

Here are the top five days in an average month when cops issue the most tickets.

1.  The 31st . . . and hey, that’s today.

2.  The 30th.

3.  The 1st.

4.  The 28th.

5.  The 29th.

The most common tickets they give out are speeding tickets and license or registration violations.

A Guy Tricks the Cops Into Breaking Up with His Girlfriend For Him


Of all the ways a COWARD can end a relationship, this might be number one.

42-year-old guy in Chase, British Columbia, Canada called the cops earlier this month and asked them to talk to his ex-girlfriend about not showing up at his house anymore.

But when the cops went to her house, they realized the guy was actually using them to BREAK UP WITH HER.

As far as she knew, they were still in a relationship.  So when the cops told her to stop going to his house, she realized it was his way of dumping her.  Reminder:  He’s 42 years old.

Anyway, they decided not to charge him with filing a false report.




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