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Choose the news 8/1/17

Here Are the Office Buzzwords We Hate the Most

  It’s important to use a bunch of buzzwords at work, since it REALLY makes you look like you know what you’re doing.  So you keep on using ’em, even though your coworkers hate ’em . . . and YOU hate ’em.

A new survey asked people for their least favorite office buzzwords, and here are the six best ones that made the list . 1.  “Let’s touch base.”

2.  “Game changer.”

3.  “No brainer.”

4.  “Mission statement.”

5.  “Pick it up and run with it.”

6.  “Let’s get our ducks in a row.”

There are also a few on the list we’ve never heard before, like . . .

“Blue sky thinking,” which means creative but unrealistic ideas . . . “thought shower,” which is a new way of saying brainstorm . . . and “punch a puppy,” which is doing something bad for the greater good.

(The Telegraph)

The Filthiest Thing in Your House Is . . . the Kitchen Sponge

 Apparently you should start cleaning your pots and pans with your toilet brush.

According to a new study out of Germany, the FILTHIEST thing in your house isn’t in the bathroom.  They found that your KITCHEN SPONGE has more active bacteria on it than anything else in your entire house.

And even if you sanitize your sponge by boiling or microwaving it, that doesn’t help . . . in fact, they found that it just makes things WORSE.

Now . . . not all of those bacteria are necessarily bad for you, in fact most of them aren’t.  But the researchers say that they’d recommend changing your kitchen sponge once a WEEK to cut down on your risk.

(Science Magazine)

This Year’s Least Healthy Chain Restaurant Foods Include a Cheeseburger Omelette, a Pizza Quesadilla, and a 770-Calorie Vegetable

Every year, the Center for Science in the Public Interest gives out its “Xtreme Eating Awards” to the LEAST HEALTHY things chain restaurants are serving up around the country.  And I really need to stop viewing it as a to-do list.

Here are some of this year’s winners . . .

1.  IHOP’s Cheeseburger Omelette with a side of pancakes, at 1,990 calories.

2.  Buffalo Wild Wings’ Cheese Curd Bacon Burger with fries, at 1,950 calories.  That’s about the same as eating five bacon double cheeseburgers at Burger King.

3.  The Carnivore Pizzadilla appetizer at Dave & Buster’s, which is the combination of a meat lover’s pizza and a quesadilla, at 1,970 calories.

4.  Cheesecake Factory’s Pasta Napoletana, at 2,310 calories . . . making it worse for you than eating an entire pizza.

5.  The loaded sweet potato at Texas Roadhouse, which might make you think you’re adding a vegetable to your meal. . . but adds 770 calories.

6.  And the Flying Gorilla cocktail from Cheesecake Factory, which is a 950-calorie alcoholic milkshake.


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