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Choose the news 8/18/17

Scientists Have Determined the Funniest Word in the World Is . . . “Booty”

Apparently the key to being funny is talking like a rapper from 1993.

A team of scientists out of the University of Warwick in England just released the results of their study to find the FUNNIEST WORDS in the world.

And out of 5,000 words, the winner is . . . “booty.”

It just beat out words like booby . . . hooter . . . nitwit . . . twit . . . waddle . . . tinkle . . . bebop . . . and egghead.

The researchers also found that younger people were much more likely to say words like goatee, hunchback, and filth are funny . . . and older people thought words like caddie, squint, and jingle are funny.

A Fisherman Almost Catches a Drunk Woman . . . So She Bites His Line and Swims Away

I wonder if this guy wondered, even for a moment, if he’d just caught a mermaid.

A guy was fishing off a pier in Augustine, Florida on Tuesday evening when suddenly, he got a bite on his line.

But not from a fish . . . from a lady.

Apparently, a 22-year-old woman named Alexandria Turner was swimming around while drunk and got upset when she saw the fishing line.  So she BIT it and swam away with the guy’s lure.

He called the cops, and Alexandria refused to get out of the water.  (Everything’s better down where it’s wetter under the sea, as you know.)

But eventually they got her out, and she was arrested for disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest without violence.

A New Survey Finds People’s Opinions on How to Hang Toilet Paper, Ketchup on Hot Dogs, and More

  I’m not sure this is a great time to talk about little things that are dividing the country . . . because we’re all plenty busy with the BIG things that are . . . but apparently no one mentioned that to Buzzfeed.

They just released the results of a survey on the little things that people have STRONG opinions about.  Here’s what they found . . .

1.  84% of people hang their toilet paper in the “over” style, 16% go “under.”

2.  53% think green candies should be lime flavored, 47% think they should be apple.

3.  80% put ketchup on their hot dogs, 20% don’t . . . and 89% say hot dogs are NOT sandwiches.

4.  56% prefer Macs, 44% choose PCs.

5.  70% like dogs, 30% like cats.

6.  87% prefer paper books, 13% like e-books.

7.  And 55% say pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza, 45% say it does.

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