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Beauty Sleep Is Real . . . If You Don’t Sleep Enough, You’re Ugly

Beauty sleep sounds like something “Good Housekeeping” magazine made up back in 1956 and put in a list of tips for women like “Always make sure your husband has a hot meal, even if you go hungry” and “Jobs give you wrinkles.”

But, according to a new study, beauty sleep is VERY real.

Researchers out of Sweden took photos of people after two good nights of sleep and two nights of only four hours of sleep . . . and then they had strangers rank how attractive they were in the different photos.

And the pictures where people were well-rested got WAY better scores.  They were rated as more attractive, healthier, and friendlier than they were in the photos when they hadn’t gotten much sleep.


Eclipse Randoms: When’s the Next One, Why It’ll Make Animals Crazy, and More

  The total solar eclipse is here, so here’s some last-minute random info, news, and stories for you . . .


1.  It’s been 38 years since the last total solar eclipse but, fortunately, if you miss it today, you won’t have to wait that long again.  The next time that America will be able to see a total solar eclipse is in seven years, on April 8th, 2024.

2.  One day far in the future, there won’t be any total solar eclipses, because the moon is drifting further and further from Earth.  It should happen in somewhere between 500 million and one billion more years.  So we’re still good.

3.  In the eastern parts of the country that are directly in the eclipse’s path, the amount of light they get will be similar to the amount of sunlight Neptune gets every day.  In the west, it’ll be like the amounts of sunlight Saturn gets every day.

4.  Animals could go NUTS during the eclipse.  According to zoo experts, nocturnal animals like owls could wake up and start looking for food . . . elephants will freak out and make a bunch of noise . . . and armadillos could JUMP three to four feet in the air, which is something they do when they’re scared.

5.  If you’re stuck inside, NASA will be doing a massive livestream during the entire eclipse from 12:00 to 4:00 P.M. Eastern so you can experience it, at

The Ten Rudest Things People Do at Restaurants

  If people are willing to be EXTREMELY rude when they’re eating in public, imagine what they’re like in the privacy of their own homes?


A new survey asked people:  What’s the RUDEST thing people do at restaurants?  And here are the top 10 responses . . .

1.  Snapping their fingers for the server.

2.  Being too loud and rowdy.

3.  Letting their kids watch loud videos on a phone.

4.  Blowing their nose into a napkin.

5.  Texting at the table.

6.  Letting their kids play with the silverware and condiments.

7.  Putting their phone out on the table next to them.

8.  Not leaving an appropriate tip.

9.  Taking a picture of their food.

10.  Asking for ketchup in a fancy restaurant.

(Daily Mail)

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