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Here Are the Signs That You Damaged Your Vision During the Eclipse

Everyone told you not to look directly at the eclipse yesterday without special glasses.  Did you do it anyway?

According to Google, right after the eclipse, TONS of people were worried that it messed them up.  Searches for things like “seeing spots” . . . “eyes hurt” . . . and “accidentally look at eclipse” skyrocketed yesterday after it was over.

So . . . how do you know if you REALLY might’ve hurt your vision and you’re not just being paranoid?  If you experienced any of these symptoms last night or you still have them today, you might want to see an eye doctor . . .

1.  Blurry vision.

2.  A blind spot in one or both of your eyes.

3.  Distorted vision.

4.  Changes in the way you see color.

5.  Extra sensitivity to light.

(Mashable / Live Science)

Would You Rather Have a Kid Who’s Popular, or Really Smart?

Would you rather have a kid who’s popular, or a kid who’s really smart?  About 150 moms had to rank six traits, according to how important they are . . .

The six traits were extraversion, agreeableness, openness, intelligence, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.  And they got examples of what each one means.

For example, extraversion means you tend to be more social.  Agreeableness means you’re trusting, sympathetic, and cooperative.  And conscientiousness means you’re driven, disciplined, and think things through.

And more than half of moms said that being SOCIAL was the most important trait.  Only 10% said intelligence.  Here’s how it breaks down . . .

1.  Extraversion.  51% said it’s the best trait their kid could have.

2.  Agreeableness, 20%.  So the top two both have to do with working well with others.

3.  Intelligence, 10%.

4.  Openness, 10%.  Which is kind of like intelligence.  It’s linked to a willingness to learn and experience new things.

5.  Conscientiousness, 9%.

6.  Neuroticism, ZERO percent.  That’s where you’re more prone to emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression.  None of the moms thought that was the best trait you can have.

(Science Direct / Daily Mail)

A Woman Gets Stuck in a Pool and Is Rescued Thanks to Facebook

Hey look at this, it’s a situation where Facebook made someone’s life BETTER.  I didn’t know that was possible.

A 61-year-old woman named Leslie Kahn from Epping, New Hampshire was swimming in her pool earlier this month when the ladder broke.  She wasn’t strong enough to pull herself out, no one was home, and her phone was inside the house.

But her iPad was on a chair by the pool.  So Leslie grabbed the pool cleaning pole . . . used it to drag the chair closer . . . grabbed her iPad . . . and hopped on Facebook to post a message asking for help.

Two of her neighbors saw it and went to her house.  They also called the police who pulled her out of the pool.

(ABC 9 – Manchester)

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