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Did Your Parents Let You Do These Five Things Unsupervised? And Would You Let Your Kids Do Them Today?


A lot of people say kids aren’t as independent these days, because we don’t LET them.  And a new survey looked into how much times have changed.

Over 1,000 parents were asked about five different activities . . . if they’d let a 10-year-old do them today without supervision . . . and if their parents let THEM do each of them at the same age.  Here’s what they said . . .

1.  Would you let your 10-year-old stay home alone for an hour or two?  53% said THEY did it by the time they were 10 . . . but only 36% said it’s okay for kids today.  (Only three states have age limits for leaving kids alone, but most have guidelines.)

2.  Walk or bike to school alone?  68% did it . . . only 43% would let their kids do it now.

3.  Play in a public park on their own?  51% did it as kids . . . only 26% would let their kids do it now.

4.  Play in the yard without an adult.  91% did it . . . 78% would let their kids do it today.

5.  Go trick-or-treating on Halloween without an adult?  44% did it when they were kids . . . only 24% would let their own kids do it.

The survey also found that just 60% of kids today enjoy playing outside.  Only 1 in 10 said it’s their favorite activity.  And overall, the one activity they enjoy the most is playing video games.

Ticketmaster Has Been Screwing You Over by Working with Scalpers!


Just when you thought Ticketmaster couldn’t screw you any worse, we get this:  It turns out they actually HELP scalpers scoop up tickets and sell them to you at inflated prices.  Allegedly, of course.

Undercover journalists from CBC News and the Toronto Star posed as scalpers at a live entertainment convention this summer, and they say Ticketmaster tried to involve them in the scheme.  Here’s how it works . . . again, ALLEGEDLY:

The scalpers buy tickets . . . with bots supplied by Ticketmaster . . . then they resell them for more money at, which is OWNED by Ticketmaster.  So Ticketmaster makes money off the same ticket TWICE.

Ticketmaster does have a “buyer abuse” division that tries to head off scalping.  But a company rep at the convention told the journalists that they turn a blind eye to abuses by TradeDesk users.

Here’s Ticketmaster’s response to the report:  “As the world’s leading ticketing platform, representing thousands of teams, artists and venues, we believe it is our job to offer a marketplace that provides a safe and fair place for fans to shop, buy and sell tickets in both the primary and secondary markets.”


”Kardashian” Arrested For Assault

Fox News claims Marion County, Florida sheriff’s recently arrested Crystal Kohler for assaulting her neighbor. The 35 year-old walked up to her nosey neighbor and said. “I’m a Kardashian, I’m going to mess you up.” Crystal then shoved her neighbor before the neighbor called the police. They charged Crystal with battery.


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