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Choose The News 9/24/18

Bus Driver Fired After Allowing Students To Drive

Live Leak claims a Valparaiso, Indiana school bus driver was arrested on Friday after she allowed three students to drive her bus. The 27 year-old was charged with felony neglect of a dependent. The bus driver got busted after students taped their fellow classmates behind the wheel. The 11 year-old, 13 year-old and 17 year-old are not going to face charges. The bus driver has been fired.


A Woman Is Arrested For Taking Away Her Daughter’s Phone as a Punishment

 This sounds like the perfect mix of incompetent bureaucracy and modern entitlement.

A woman named Jodie May from Grandville, Michigan took away her 15-year-old daughter’s iPhone back in April after the girl got in trouble at school.

The girl told her father . . . who’s divorced from Jodie . . . and he called the COPS to report it as theft.  And he implied it was HIS phone that Jodie had taken.

The cops came and arrested Jodie . . . which included cuffing her, separating her from her four-week-old baby, and keeping her in jail for two hours.  The prosecutors charged her with two counts of larceny, which could get her six months in prison.

And apparently there was NEVER a point where they were willing to just pause for two seconds to listen to her tell them the reason she had the phone is because she’d confiscated it from her daughter as punishment.

So this actually went to TRIAL last week.  Fortunately, sanity prevailed a few minutes into the trial, when the judge found out it was just a mom punishing her daughter and immediately dismissed the charges.


A Guy Hires a Mariachi Band to Sing to His Girlfriend . . . Turns Out She’s Married to the Lead Singer

  Okay, this one SEEMS a little too good to be true, but hey, I guess there’s no reason NOT to believe it.

Earlier this month, a guy in Mexico City hired a mariachi band to come to his house and surprise his girlfriend by playing a song underneath their balcony.  He was planning on PROPOSING to her at the end of the song.

But when the woman came out to see the band . . . it turned out the lead singer was her HUSBAND.

Yeah, apparently she was married, but she hadn’t told her new boyfriend.  And her husband didn’t realize she was cheating on him . . . so he and the boyfriend got into a fistfight.

The other members of the mariachi band wound up breaking it up.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any reports on where the woman’s relationships stand now.


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