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Choose The News 9/26/18

The Average Cat Person Watches Over 700 Cat Videos a Year

If you’ve been on the Internet, you’ve watched a cat video.  But if you’ve been on the Internet AND you love cats, then apparently you’ve watched an ABSURD number of cat videos.

According to a new survey, the average cat person checks out 725 cat videos and pictures per YEAR.  Assuming you started around 2007, when social media and cat mania really took off, that would bring you up near 8,000 videos by now.

The survey also found 38% of cat owners own a CAT CALENDAR.


Ice Skating Dog

The Daily Mail claims a Las Vegas ice skating instructor, named Cheryl DelSangro, has taught her Labrador Benny how to ice-skate. She rescued him from a shelter when he was a puppy before getting him his own ice shoes. Cheryl has been teaching Benny how to skate since last year. He also knows how to play hockey and will skate around the rink with a hockey stick in his mouth. Cheryl wants Benny to perform during a Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey game.


There’s About a 40% Chance You’ll Get Away with Murder in America

  Well, I guess I’ve got some good news here if you ever murder someone.  On the other hand, it’s pretty bad news if you GET murdered, and pretty bad news for society in general.

The FBI just released their latest crime statistics, and they show there’s about a 40% chance you’ll get AWAY WITH IT if you MURDER someone.

They found the cops only cleared 61.6% of murder cases last year . . . which means either they arrested someone or they dismissed the case because they figured out it was a suicide or something else.

That means 38.4% of murders last year did NOT lead to any arrests.

That’s not the only crime people are getting away with.  There was no arrest in 46% of aggravated assaults . . . 66% of rapes . . . 81% of larcenies . . . 86% of car thefts . . . and 86% of burglaries.

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