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There’s a New Drink That’s Supposed to Put You to Sleep in 30 Minutes or Less


It’s been about six hours since I saw another new study about how much trouble Americans have sleeping . . . but I think it’s safe to say that yeah, we could ALL use some help.

So there’s a new drink on the market that might be worth a try.  It’s called Som Sleep, and apparently, it puts you to sleep in 30 minutes or less.

It’s berry flavored, and there are a bunch of different vitamins and supplements in it that are supposed to relax you and help you fall right asleep.

Does it work?  Some people swear by it, including some celebrities who may or may not have been paid to endorse it, like Jenna Dewan and Hilary Duff.  And 67% of the reviews on Amazon give it four or five stars.

But the FDA hasn’t approved its claim that it helps you fall asleep, so, just like so many other supplements, you’re kinda taking their word that it’ll work.

On the bright side, a four-pack only costs $10 on Amazon, so it’s not too expensive if you want to give it a shot


Stupid Photo: A Grocery Store Stuck Googly Eyes on Old Fish to Make Them Look Fresher


“Googly eyes” are those plastic stick-on things people use for arts and crafts.  Or you can put them on inanimate objects, like a carton of milk . . . then name it Kevin . . . and hey, you’ve got a new friend.  (???)

But this might be the first PRACTICAL use we’ve ever seen.  A supermarket in Kuwait got shut down the other day after someone caught them sticking googly eyes on DEAD FISH in their seafood section to make them look fresher.

Someone posted two photos of it . . . one of a fish with a googly eye covering its real eye, and one where it fell off.  And it DOES kind of work, because they sort of look like fish eyes anyway.

It’s not clear if the store was shut down for scamming people, or if it was a food safety thing.  But some people just respect the creativity, and don’t think they should be in trouble.

People on Twitter have also been tossing out lots of terrible puns to go with the story, like that something “fishy” was going on . . . and that it was definitely a “full-scale” scam.


Kidnapper Thinks Monkeys Are Out To Get Her

WSPA claims the Spartanburg, South Carolina Police recently arrested Brandi Almond for kidnapping. She entered a home and climbed on top of a dresser before the home’s owners walked into their baby’s room and asked what she was doing. Brandi told them, “Give me the baby. I got to go, they are coming.” She tried to take the baby before fleeing. Brandi then went to several neighboring homes before hiding from the police in some tree branches. They struggled with her as she yelled; “Monkeys are out to get me” Brandi gave no reason for her odd behavior.


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