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Fireball Whiskey Bagels Are Now on Sale

You know, the last time I was doing shots of Fireball whiskey, I was totally thinking to myself they would taste great with some cream cheese and lox.

Well . . . a bakery in Freehold, New Jersey called the Bagel Nook just started selling bagels that are made with FIREBALL WHISKEY.  And because of the cinnamon flavor, they say it goes well with their apple cream cheese.

The shop didn’t say just how much alcohol is in each bagel, but I’m thinking that it’s probably not enough to get you drunk.

(The Daily Meal

A Guy Is Facing Felony Charges For Writing His Name . . . and Drawing Male Genitalia . . . in Wet Cement

Everything that we used to do for fun seems like it’s illegal now.

A 23-year-old guy named Jordan Judson from Superior, Minnesota was arrested last week for . . . drawing in wet cement.

Some construction workers were fixing a sidewalk last month and Jordan drew two things in the cement:  His name . . . and male genitalia.  What ELSE would anyone draw in wet cement?

A few of the construction workers spotted him and called the cops.  And since Jordan’s name was right there in the sidewalk, it was kinda hard for him to deny that he did it.

The city decided to totally redo that section of the sidewalk, and it wound up costing $13,000.

So now Jordan is facing a FELONY charge of criminal damage to property, which could get him up to three-and-a-half years in prison and a $10,000 fine.  All for drawing in cement.  Wow.

(Duluth News Tribune)

How Much Do the Top 10 NBA Players Make . . . After Taxes?

LEBRON JAMES has the biggest contract for the upcoming NBA season.  His gross salary is $33.3 million . . . but that’s BEFORE federal, state, and local taxes.  So, how much does he actually get?

According to an ESPN report, he loses $11.9 million to Uncle Sam, and pays another $2.2 million in state and local taxes.  His agent gets a $947,000 cut, and another $3.3 million goes into a league escrow account.

That’s complicated, but basically it’s a buffer account that goes back to the players after the season when all the money is sorted out.  It’s part of the process where the owners guarantee that the players get 51% of their basketball-related income.

So, when it’s all said and done, LeBron takes home $16.7 million, or just 50.3% of his $33.3 million gross salary.  Of course, he’s making a LOT more than that when you add in endorsement deals and other revenue.

Here are the top 10 NBA salaries . . . before and after taxes:

1.  LeBron James:  $16,737,751 net . . . $33,285,709 gross

2.  Paul Millsap:  $15,563,401 net . . . $30,769,231 gross

3.  Steph Curry:  $15,263,905 net . . . $34,682,550 gross

4.  Mike Conley:  $15,254,008 net . . . $28,530,608 gross

5.  James Harden:  $15,141,780 . . . $28,299,399 gross

6.  Russell Westbrook:  $14,773,931 . . . $28,530,608 gross

7.  Gordon Hayward:  $14,747,006 net . . . $29,727,900 gross

8.  Al Horford:  $14,357,262 net . . . $27,734,405 gross

9.  Blake Griffin:  $14,234,341 net . . . $29,512,900 gross

10. Kyle Lowry:  $12,047,641 net . . . $28,703,704 gross

Naturally, not all NBA players pay the same in taxes.  For example, Conley and Westbrook have the same gross salary, but Conley takes home nearly $500,000 more by living in a place with a 2.2% income tax compared to 4.47%.

Players in Florida, Texas, and Tennessee have no state income tax.  However, they’re charged so-called “jock taxes” for when they’re playing in places that DO have local taxes.

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