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Choose the news 9/22/17

A Woman Gets a Surprise Amazon Package . . . Turns Out Her Parrot Ordered It Using Alexa

  A 39-year-old woman named Corienne Pretorius from London recently got a random package from Amazon:  A $13 pack of gift boxes.  She hadn’t ordered it and had no idea how it wound up at her house.

But after she investigated, she finally figured it out:  Her PARROT did it.  Corienne has an Amazon Echo at home, and her parrot mimicked her saying, “Alexa” and then giving a command.

And whatever he said somehow wound up making Alexa think he was trying to order a package of gift boxes.

Amazon says that anything you order with Alexa has free returns . . . so Corienne isn’t stuck with the boxes.


The Most Popular Halloween Costumes This Year Include “It”, “Stranger Things”, and Unicorns

People are starting to search for ideas for their Halloween costumes, and there are already signs of what’s going to be popular this year.

A website called Lyst analyzed Pinterest searches to figure out the hottest costumes for the year . . . at least for women.  I’m not sure men go to Pinterest to search for Halloween costume inspiration.  Anyway, here are the top 10 . . .

1.  Pennywise the Clown from “It”.

2.  The “Stranger Things” characters.

3.  Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”.

4.  Giraffes.  No, really.  For whatever reason, searches for giraffe makeup and costumes are up 1,200% from this time last year.

5.  Wonder Woman.

6.  “Game of Thrones” characters.

7.  “Baywatch” babes.

8.  Hippies.

9.  Unicorns.

10.  Mermaids.

(Brit + Co.)

Starbucks Is Evolving This Fall . . . the New “Maple Pecan Latte” Debuts Today

Starbucks is more or less responsible for turning pumpkin spice into the monster it is today.  So now that everyone else is doing it . . . it looks like they’re evolving.

Starbucks is introducing its brand new Maple Pecan Latte today.  They say it’s a mix of, quote, “espresso and steamed milk, combined with notes of maple syrup and pecan, and finished with a colorful autumn topping.”

It’s only going to be available for a limited time, but if the MPL gets anywhere close in popularity to the PSL, we’ll be like four years away from maple pecan EVERYTHING at this time of year.


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