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Choose the news 9/25/17

Walmart Wants to Go Into Your House When You’re Not There and Stock Your Fridge With Groceries


Apparently, Walmart thinks we all TRUST them way more than we actually do.

Because they’ve got a new plan for grocery delivery that takes things WAY further than any of the other grocery delivery services out there:  They want to go into your house when you’re not home and stock your fridge for you.

Here’s how it would work.  You get a special smart lock on your door.  Then you order groceries on and tell them when you want them delivered.  They bring the groceries to your house, and they use a one-time code on your smart lock to get in.

They stock your fridge, then they leave and send you a message that they’re gone and they locked the door behind them.

They’re planning to test it out in Silicon Valley first to see if it works . . . but even THEY know it sounds a little strange.

A spokesperson from Walmart says, quote, “This may not be for everyone, and certainly not right away.”

Candy Corn as a Pizza Topping? Someone Actually Did It

If you think pineapple isn’t a proper pizza topping, I’m worried about how you’re going to react to THIS.

Twitter user named TheRealAsswolf from Salt Lake City made himself a DiGiorno pizza last week . . . and he used CANDY CORN as a topping.  And it actually looks like it worked . . . the candy corn melted pretty seamlessly onto the cheese and sauce.

His tweet with pictures of the pizza has gotten over 34,000 likes.  But he’s also got almost 3,000 comments, and a LOT of them are calling the pizza an unholy crime against nature.


Stay away from Death Wish Coffee unless you really have a death wish. The very popular, and very strong, coffee brand is recealling its Death Wish Nitro product over botulism concerns. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says the current process used to make the cold brew infused with nitrogen has the potential to create botulin. Death Wish posted a voluntary recall statement, and no illnesses related to the Death Wish Nitro have been reported yet, though anyone who’s purchased cans of the coffee is advised to dispose of it. (Mashable)

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