Jon And Chantel

Choose the News | December 3rd

Jon, Jackson, and Monroe went head-to-head this morning for Choose the News. Check out all the stories below:

Jon | You Could Be Losing Six Days a Year by Hitting Snooze on Your Alarm

You could be losing up to six ENTIRE days every year just by hitting the snooze button.  A new study found that if you’re one of the 36% of people who hits snooze an average of four times every morning, it adds up to six wasted days a year.



Jackson | 56% of People Would Rather Marry For Money Than Love

According to a new study, the majority of Americans admit that they’d rather marry someone for MONEY over LOVE.  56% of people say that marrying someone who, quote, “provides financial security” is more important than marrying someone because they’re, quote, “head over heels” in love.



Monroe | A Radio Station Cut “Baby It’s Cold Outside” From Its Playlist and the Internet Lost Its Mind

Star 102 in Cleveland is banning the Christmas classic “Baby it’s Cold Outside”, because the lyrics seem slightly less innocent these days.  They say their listeners made the call in an online poll, but the ones who are commenting on Facebook are LIVID about the move.


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