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Choose the News | February 1st

Man Finds Tooth In Fish Filet
Spalding Today claims Frank Banks, of Lincolnshire, England ,recently found a human tooth in his fish fillet. He tells paper; “I was having the fish with some new potatoes and peas and had just cut a piece off the end of it and was enjoying it. I cut another piece off and started eating it and then thought ‘God Almighty – what is that?’ It was hard and completely black. I took it and washed it in bleach and scrubbed it to see what it was. I couldn’t believe it was a tooth. I knew it wasn’t one of my teeth because mine are false.”

Morrison’s grocery store wants to test the tooth. They gave Frank a $15 voucher for his troubles.

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In Honor of the Woman Who Drank Wine from a Pringles Can, Pringles Wine Tumblers Now Exist

A few weeks ago, a story went viral about a woman in Texas who was banned from a Walmart . . . for driving a motorized shopping cart around the parking lot while she drank WINE out of a PRINGLES CAN.

Who knew that woman would turn out to be an INSPIRATION?

To honor her innovations in drinking, an artist named Celeste Powers from Coldwater, Mississippi just started selling Pringles wine tumblers on Etsy.

Her tumblers aren’t made from actual Pringles cans . . . but they have the labels printed on them.  And if you want one, they’re $30 each.


Netflix Survey

A new survey by Voucher Codes reveals that 10% of people would rather give up lovemaking than Netflix. Other findings:

– 25% of people would rather give up drinking than Netflix

– 15% of people would rather give up social media than Netflix

– 25% of people spend 8 hours a week watching Netflix



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