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Choose the News | January 18th

Someone Tried to Run Over a Snowman . . . Not Realizing It Was Built Over a Tree Stump

Sometimes if you decide to be a total jackass, karma isn’t going to wait to teach you a lesson.

There’s a guy named Cory Lutz in Petersburg, Kentucky, and over the weekend, he and his fiancée and her sister built a big snowman in the yard.

Well . . . apparently, on Monday, someone was driving by, saw the snowman, and decided to RUN IT OVER.  But what that person didn’t realize was . . . the snowman was built over a big TREE STUMP.

So when Cory got home, he saw the tire tracks leading up to the snowman . . . and a bumper-shaped dent in the snow against the stump.

Which means that somewhere in his town, there’s a person with a jacked up bumper . . . all from randomly trying to destroy a stranger’s snowman.


The Latest Internet Challenge: Defend Your Favorite Villain

 Here’s an Internet challenge that won’t KILL YOU:  Defend your favorite villain.  People are doing it on Reddit right now.  Here are a few examples:

1.  Tom from “Tom & Jerry”:  “That’s his job.  He’s a cat and there’s literally a rodent in the house.”

2.  The Trix Rabbit:  “All he wanted was a bowl of cereal and those kids never offered him some, so he turned to a life of crime thieving the cereal.  Tragic.”

3.  Gaston from “Beauty and the Beast”:  “In any other Disney movie, he would be the hero.  He hits almost all the hero checkpoints.  Handsome?  Check.  Liking the weird girl instead of his basic fan girls?  Check.  Trying to rescue the girl from a literal monster?  Check.”

4.  Benny the landlord in “Rent”:  “He just wanted them to pay their rent.  LAST YEAR’S RENT.  He was very forgiving to let it go on that long!”




The Ten Things We Wish We’d Learned in School . . . and the Ten Most Useless Things We Were Forced to Learn

 How much of what you learned in school do you actually use in the real world?  A new survey asked 2,000 people, and the average answer was 37%.

That means we think about two-thirds of the stuff we learned was basically useless knowledge.  Here are the ten real-world skills we WISH we’d been taught instead . . .

1.  Money management and budgeting.

2.  How to do your taxes.

3.  How to manage your emotional wellbeing and mental health.

4.  Understanding credit cards and student loans.

5.  How to negotiate.

6.  Time management.

7.  How to fix stuff around the house.

8.  Relationship and conversational skills.

9.  Car repair and car maintenance.

10.  How to find a job.



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