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Choose the News | January 29th

Catfish Got Your Tongue?

The Daily Mail claims a 28-year-old Dutch man recently went to the hospital with a catfish stuck in his throat. He and his friends were playing a drinking game when he swallowed the live fish. The catfish came from a friend’s aquarium. The fish used its spiny fins to stop itself from being digested. Doctors used forceps to carefully remove the two-inch fish.


Here Are America’s Top Ten Fears

We always hear how “public speaking” is our #1 fear.  But a new survey of 2,000 Americans found less than 1 in 5 of us is actually scared of it.  And six other fears ranked higher.  Here are the ten most-common fears, according to the survey . . .

1.  Snakes.  51% of us are afraid of them to some degree.

2.  Heights, 38%.

3.  The dentist, 23%.

4.  Confined spaces, a.k.a. claustrophobia, 21%.

5.  Needles, also 21%.

6.  Clowns, 18%.

7.  Public speaking, 17%.

8.  The dark, 15%.

9.  Flying, 14%.

10.  Birds, 5%.



Reynolds Wrap Created a Human Feedbag That Lets You Strap Your Snacks to Your Body

I’m not sure what’s worse:  That a major company thought people would want to STRAP a FEEDBAG full of snacks to themselves . . . or that people were like, “Yes, we DO want that”?

Reynolds Wrap just unveiled a new product called the Hunger Harness yesterday.

It’s a silver harness you wear on your chest with several thermal and insulated pockets for holding different snacks and keeping them warm.  And it also has a little fold out tray and a drink holder.  So it’s perfect for the Super Bowl.

They say it should hold enough snacks that you can go, quote, “all four quarters plus the halftime show without taking a break.”

They put them on sale for $5 and . . . they sold out immediately.  But don’t worry, they say they’re producing more soon.

You can keep an eye out for them at

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