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Choose the News | March 18th 2019

Habitat For Humanity Selling Haunted Furniture

Yahoo News claims a Habitat for Humanity ReStore, in Salisbury, North Carolina, is selling haunted bedroom furniture. The store reduced the selling price of the furniture by $1,000 because its previous owners had nightmares while it was in their bedroom. The couple’s dog constantly barked at it.



Taco Bell Hot Sauce Saves Life Again

ABC claims a craving for Taco Bell hot sauce recently saved the life of a Winter Haven, Florida man. The man was eating at a local Taco Bell when he got up to get more hot sauce for his meal. Seconds later, a 77 year-old man crashed his SUV into the restaurant where the hot sauce lover was sitting The senior citizen told cops he placed his Nissan Rogue in reverse before it jumped the curb and crashed into the building. No one was injured.



Ten Unwritten Rules in Life You Should Be Following

Someone on Reddit asked people to name some unwritten rules everyone should follow.  Here are some of the best ones people came up with.

1.  Don’t ask for something if the person has only one of them left.  Like gum.

2.  If you finish a roll of toilet paper, you have to put a new roll on.

3.  If you borrow someone’s car, put some gas in it before you bring it back.

4.  Don’t play music out loud when you’re in public.  That’s what headphones are for.

5.  Chew with your mouth closed.

6.  Don’t start drama at a funeral.

7.  If you’re borrowing something for a third time, buy one of your own.

8.  If someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right to look at other photos, because there might be something R-rated.

9.  Let people get off an elevator or train before you get on.

10.  Don’t leave your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle.



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