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Elsa was Evil?

Don’t tell my daughter Ella!

In the new “Entertainment Weekly”, a producer from “Frozen” says the movie was originally supposed to be different.  Basically, the first few drafts had Elsa as an evil supervillain, whose heart was frozen because she was dumped at the altar.

He says, quote, “When we started off, Anna and Elsa were not sisters.  They weren’t even royal.  So, Anna was not a princess.  Elsa was a self-proclaimed ‘Snow Queen,’ but she was a villain and pure evil . . .

“Much more like the Hans Christian Andersen tale.  We started out with an evil female villain, and an innocent female heroine, and the ending involved a big, epic battle with snow monsters that Elsa had created as her army.”

In this initial version, Prince Hans triggered an avalanche that could’ve killed EVERYONE, and Anna appeals to the ‘evil’ Elsa, knowing that she’s the only one who can save them, and she does.

So ultimately, Hans would’ve turned out to be the true bad guy, while Elsa’s heart is eventually thawed.

The producers changed the ending and Elsa’s characterization because they thought that kind of ending had been done too many times, and that their test audiences didn’t have an emotional connection to Elsa.

What a different film!

You can read the entire article here.


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